Infinity/Black Project Whiplash Adjustable Medium SUP Paddle



Infinity/Black Project Whiplash Adjustable Medium SUP Paddle

Two of standup paddling’s sleekest, strongest and highest-performing brands—Infinity and Black Project—come together to build one awesome SUP paddle.

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Meet The All-New Infinity Whiplash Paddle By Black Project

What do you get when the standup paddling’s top performance board builder and highest-quality paddle maker come together to make one awesome product? You may be thinking “Destiny,” but we’re calling it the Whiplash. Introducing the new high-performance, all-around paddle by Infinity and Black Project. Designed in collaboration between both brands, this new speed demon offers not only the market’s highest-quality, performance-driven design, it’s also the coolest-looking drive shaft we ever did see. Get your hands on a Whiplash and you’ll know exactly what we mean. 

The Infinity Whiplash Paddle is a collaboration between two like-minded companies, Infinity and Black Project!

Performance-driven and premium built, the all-new adjustable 2-piece Whiplash Paddle is lightweight and strong for racing, touring, or surfing.

Infinity keep it simple with one blade size that covers a wide range of paddling. Carbon construction and engineered by the Black Project team.

An all-around paddle at a mid level price point. Very light and strong.

  • Blade Size: M/ 84sq Area
  • Weight: from 16.75 oz
  • Blade Angle: 10 degrees
  • 3K pre preg premium carbon construction
  • Standard Shaft
  • 90% Carbon Construction
  • Adjustable Option 40cm/ 15.75 of adjustment/ Anti-Twist

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