Lessons & Courses


Ready to Ride – 2hrs £40 A course aimed at anyone who wants a well rounded fundamental introduction to Paddleboarding. Paddlers will be introduced to Best Practice Technique (Positioning, Grip, Stance, Turning, Straight line paddling), Theory (wind, tide and other factors that impact us on the water), and Safety (Things to be aware of/consider, equipment to carry, self-rescue). The course is endorsed by BSUPA and is aimed at filling anyone with the confidence required to get out there and enjoy all the benefits of SUP.

Family SUP – 1-1.5hrs £125 – Thinking of getting yourself or the kids a paddle board? Wondering what to do to keep everyone save on the water? or simply just looking for a fun family activity to do together, Family SUP is a session to be enjoyed by the whole family whilst subtly teaching the younger members to paddle themselves confidently and competently. A great activity for all the family to enjoy, although we do warn the parents that it mostly ends up with the kids wanting to push you in!!


5 Week Beginners SUP Skills Course – 1hr each week, £140 for the course Whether you are motivated by speed, manoeuvrability, endurance or all of the above, we have sessions that provide laser focus on fine-tuning your technique. Ideal for those that are comfortable on the board and keen to develop their skills further. (If you don’t get wet in these sessions then you aren’t trying hard enough!) #thewetteryougetthebetteryouget

3 Week Condensed Beginners Course – 3 x 1.5hrs per week – £125 This is a reconfiguration of our 5 week courses, redesigned to combat the time available to people during the holidays, and also combat inflation! (Discounted of £125, not £140) In it you will cover all the fundamentals of paddling, technique and safety. We’ll take you through forecasting/planning and reading water conditions so you are always prepared to know when go (or as importantly, when not to go!) Loads of knowledge, skills and craic!!

Intermediate Course – £140

Skills Workshop – 2.5 hrs – £50

Race Workshop – 2hrs – £60

SUP Fitness – £150

Summer Scheme – £160 first child, £150 second child, £140 3rd child