Covid policy

SUP Hub NI – Return to Paddling Plan COVID-19 Policy (as of May 24th)
(This policy document is subject to ongoing review and may be updated at any time by SUP Hub NI)

Aim – In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the purpose of this policy is to achieve the provision of a safe environment to facilitate and Coach Stand Up Paddleboarding and stop the spread of the virus.

Suitability of Paddling:
• If a person has any symptoms of Covid-19 (as per public health guidance they should not participate.
• Participants should feel confident of being physically able to ‘self-rescue’ (i.e independently get back on their board in the event that they fall off).

Rules of Paddling with SUP Hub NI:
Group Sizes:
I. Max Group size of 5.
II. Private Sessions for 1-2 people.
III. Family (Household) Sessions.

For now, there will be NO Access to Changing Facilities/Showers.

Kit that SUP Hub NI can provide:
Buoyancy Aid
Wetsuit (if absolutely necessary – Please see attached Wetsuit Policy)

Whichever location we are using, please park your car in such a way as to facilitate physical distancing.

Observe physical distancing rules at all times.

Entry and exit from water will be staggered (one at a time) so as to keep to our physical distancing policy.

SUP Hub NI will have Hand Sanitiser and other cleaning products, however, we ask that you bring your own to reduce risk of sharing bottles.

No sharing or exchange of equipment will take place (except in emergency circumstances).

If a paddler requires a Wetsuit, we are operating a “Use, Sterilise, Quarantine System” to manage our Wetsuits.

Social Distancing – As per government guidelines we ask that all participants observe the 2 metre Social Distancing guidelines. Whilst out on the water, a simple test of this is to extend you Paddle outward and if it reaches another paddler or their board, then manoeuvre yourself away from each other. This Social Distancing policy applies when on shore too. SUP Hub will position the kit 2 metres apart upon set up and will guide participants to designated set down points at the end of the session.

Wetsuit Policy – In normal times, we provide wetsuits readily. Given the challenges we all face with COVID-19, we ask that where possible, participants bring their own wetsuit. If you do not have one readily available we can still provide a wetsuit for you.

After a SUP Hub NI wetsuit is used, it must be placed inside our Wetsuit collection box. During this time, SUP Hub NI will take the wetsuit, wash throughly as usual with sterilised and soapy water. It will then be left to dry in Quarantine for 72 hours before it could be used again.

Changing Facilities – During this time we do not have access to Changing Rooms or Showers. Where possible, we ask that people would arrive in clothing/wet water gear ready for the session. If you need to use a SUP Hub Wetsuit you will need to change either Al-fresco or in your own vehicle. We do have some Changing robes which can be utilised (These Dry robes will have the same cleaning and quarantine process applied as the Wetsuits).

Equipment – SUP Hub NI will allocate a board, paddle, leash set up to to each person upon arrival. Once a set of kit has been allocated, participants should not touch, swap or share any of their kit with others throughout the entire session. Only in an emergency situation will the Instructor share or redistribute equipment if required.

SUP Hub NI is regularly testing all of its equipment ensuring it is fit for purpose.

Equipment is washed down and sterilised before and after each use.